How to modify parameter SR5 and SR6

I have a Pixracer with Copter-4.0.7 and some stuff connected to serial 5 and 6. However, I can’t find parameter SR5 and SR6 in the parameter list using Mission Planner.

I can change SR0, SR1, SR2 and SR3, but the rest is missing.

How can I change SR5 and SR6?

Update to 4.1.0-dev, it is only implemented there.

My understanding is that SR1 doesn’t necessarily refer to serial 1 but to the first mavlink stream. So if your 2nd and 3rd mavlink outputs are on serial 5 and 6 the SR2 and SR3 parameters would affect serial 5 and 6.

From amilcarlucas’s comment it sounds like the three mavlink output limit is going away in 4.1, which would be pretty nice.

I don’t remember if it’s pixracer or pixracer pro I’ll have to check tomorrow, but 4.1.0 Dev has a broken baro driver…

Though you are correct, there are a lot of handy goodies coming in with 4.1


I will connect my gimbal to serial 2 and hope I can manage without more mavlink components before 4.1 is released.