How to loiter without Power (gliding in termic)


How can I disable the altidude-hold-mode in loiter-mode?
I have set the SERVO_3FUNCTION from Throttle to RCPassThru because I like to circling in the termic without Power.
How can I disable the altidude hold?

Thanks in advance and best regards!

Little confused. if you don’t want PixHawk to control the plane, why not just fly in FBW or Stab mode?

Because he wants to find a thermal and let the FC maintain the circle whilst gaining altitude…although I that is not doable with the current loiter mode.

If there is no prop running how ALT can be maintained inside a Thermal even if we figured it out how to disable it then why we even need Loiter mode? Human controlling the prop using pass through and pixhawk controlling Loiter (current location, heading and altitude)…not making any sense to me or maybe I am just not getting it.

I fly Gliders and do soar gliding as well. see my comment above.

Loiter mode stays moving in a circle above a position on the ground. Too follow a thermal you will need to stay in a position in the air, and follow down wind compared to the ground.

you can check here :

These guys already do a thermal soaring with pixhawk in it.

Then you should know how thermals work and why they don’t need a prop to gain/maintain altitude. :smiley:

oh I didn’t realize we are in a pissing contest. You won, now may be you can help him?

interestingly, Hadits_Baroya already helped him with one reply that there is special setting for gliders in MP which doesn’t require the traditional throttle control.

see this documentation:

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Thanks guys for all your answers!

Indeed, I like to circle at a point without holding the altitude.
The YouTube-Video already goes to far but is a nice option. I will try this!

But actually I don’t want the FC to follow the termal - just to loiter at a defined point without altitude control.
Is there maybe anther flightmode?

oh you were to fast for me :slight_smile:

Theres some parameters which change the weighting of an axis control either one way or another, ie pitch (elev) to control speed or altitude, if you bias this all the way to speed, then the plane will loiter around a position but climb with the thermal.
But remember this won’t stay in the thermal, it will fly out the side of the thermal and come down again. Thermals are blowing down wind all the time

This is exactly what I am looking for.
Please tell me these parameters.

And of course you are right, I know the plane will not stay in the thermal.

Which parameters would those be that apply to Loiter?

I feel it applies to all flight, not just loiter. if you weight it to 2, it will use pitch as the CV for the airspeed loop and Throttle as the CV for altitude, so if you get in lift the elevator will maintain the speed setpoint and as the altitude goes above setpoint the throttle will reduce to zero