How to log 3DR Signal Strength


I saw this page ( … nk_quality) and figured that would be a good way to track the signal strength of the 3DR radios.

The problem is, they don’t say how to track rssi logs anywhere that I can find. Has anyone been able to track the received signal strength from a 3DR radio yet?? How can I accomplish this?

My setup is two Piksi modules with two 3DR radios for the two Piksis to send data to each other. The base station is my laptop running windows 7 and the rover is powered by a 12V battery regulated down to 5V.

I am also having issues establishing a Mavlink connection with two 3DR radios by themselves. I tried all my USB ports on my laptop, different air and base baud rates, and restarting my computer. Pretty much everything short of reinstalling Mission Planner and drivers. I am running SiK 1.9 and Mission Planner 1.3.30 build 1.1.5648.36304.