How to limit PWM range on Motor Outputs?

i changed this parameter MOT_PWM_MAX 1500 and still on all output is full range 997 - 1997 PWM

how i can limit it ?

You have to also have set MOT_PWM_MIN and not be using dshot.

You could also set MOT_SPIN_MAX to 0.5.

This is quite a strange thing to what to do. Why do you need this?


Working perfectly :slight_smile:
Thank You !

I’m continuing my paused project from previous year - it’s big drone with 60kg thrust as paraglider motor but this thrust is too big for drone 12kg after drop it from paraglider :wink:

So this is to assist you into the air and then release it and it descends to the ground as a big quad copter?

Yes, it’s a plan… instead of a cable winch for thermal flying.
I have tested perfectly funcions small model.
It’s very very prototype, i know, it’s dangerous but this one will be very carefully tested - it’s only one on all world. What will be in future - i don’t know at this moment.
it’s controversial topic

I remember that prototype now! Controversial I suppose but it look like a cool project to me. Very nice job with that Proto!!