How to increase airspeed automatically when flying upwind?

Hi, I am new to Ardupilot, sorry if this has been answered before:
I converted Volantex Ranger 2M to quadplane and it flies nicely, I have flown several fully automatic missions with it. I use pix32v5 and Arduplane 4.1.2. However, on last flight there was quite strong wind and it looked like the plane struggled to move forward when it experienced gusts of headwind.

I tried in simulator and it looks like if I increase wind speed over airspeed, then the plane cannot complete its mission any more, it will be carried downwind. I assume that there is a mechanism to make airplane to increase automatically its default airspeed, but I cannot find, how. Please help;-)

The default airspeed in automatic flight modes is TRIM_ARSPD_CM.
Also you may want to look at ARSPD_FBW_MIN and ARSPD_FBW_MAX.

There is a param for min ground speed.



What happens when max airspeed is achieved and min ground speed is not?

How to get out of such a situation?

Air speed limits will always win. So you will end up at max airspeed and wherever ground speed that works out to with the given wind.


Hi, what will happen if airplane is climbing and throttle is already maxed and then it does not meet its ground speed requirement? Does it reduce pitch?

yes, but it depends on how you have the TECS setup.