How to include Lib and Inc folder to ardupilot code

I want to include the Lib and Inc folder of cryptography library project to Ardupilot stack. Inc folder contains .a extension files. Please let me know how to add and access the crypto function.

the .a library files would have to be compatible with the processor and compiler used by arducopter and you need to change the .waf build system to include those, and you need to write .cpp code to do function calls into the library.

Using Eclipse IDE for Editing and Building the Arducopter. I am not finding any settings in the eclipse project property to add the Inc files. Please can you give details about where is the setting file to include the library.

No, not in eclipse, you need to do that in the waf build system. How good at you in python?

I am not good at python. If you provide some basics then I can work on it.