How to glide between waypoints?

I’m interested in looking at the glide slope characteristics of an aircraft. To do this, I would like to fly an aircraft to a waypoint at a set altitude, say 100 m agl, turn off the motor and navigate to a second waypoint that is a 100 m away and at a target altitude of 80m agl. Is there any method of specifying that the motor should only be used once the aircraft reaches the second waypoint altitude?

The only way to do it currently is to use a ground station to manually change THR_MAX to 0 when you want to disable the motor. Then set it back to 100 when you want to enable it again.
Cheers, Tridge

Make sure you do this with an airspeed sensor and also set TECS_SPDWEIGHT = 2 so that TECS maintains the airspeed and doesn’t stall the plane whilst trying to maintain height.