How to get logs off of iris

Greetings everyone. How do i load the logs onto this site. I have my Iris linked via the telemetry kit but im not sure if in need to plug it directly into the iris.

I was flying today in a pretty mellow hover, still dialing in my batteries and flying within myself. Needless to say i was in stability mode and the thing just started flying away, not drifting with wind but flying without any
inputs. I was able to regain control gain alttitude and bring it back. Got it back to landing zone and it flew away again this time at a lower altitude. regained control at which point i was executing an emergency landing. As i was a foot off the ground it took off again i tried to climb out but i clipped the ground and it flipped over and broke a prop. Not sure if anything else is broken.

I have flown this thing about 15 times in some pretty high winds at times. Completed an autonomous mission and the RTL feature has worked twice when i felt i had lost control or was about to hit a tree. It has been a great machine and i am really curious to look at the logs and see if it was pilot error and or a mechanical/computing problem. Never seen it do this before. Happy so far hopefully only the prop is what needs repairs.

thankyou everybody

Have a look here at how to retrieve the data logs from IRIS: … on_Planner

At step #2 make sure to select Pixhawk.

Also you will have to zip the log file before attaching it here as it will most likely be too big.

Hope that helps.

Hi wrightous10911,

You can get the bin files from the SD card, it seems to be there is some problems when you download the log files by ground control software (mission planner or apm planner) and arducopter firmware.

Here is how to remove the top shell, the sd card is in front of the Pixhawk’s white arrow. … -shell.pdf

ok, here are some of the logs i think…thankyou everyone for your help. it was on the 4-29 flight when it decided to fly on its own. i put in some of the earlier ones in case there needs to be benchmark for the data.

got the broken prop fixed waiting to get her up again however i am a little rattled as to i dont want this thing to fly on its own again.

thanks again,


Please note that you attached tlogs (aka Telemetry logs). Dataflash logs would be more helpful.

Have a look at the link that I posted originally. It describes the difference and how to download the dataflash logs:

"Log Types (Dataflash vs tlogs)
There are two ways to record your flight data with ArduCopter. With some exceptions, the two methods record very similar data but in different ways:

dataflash logs (the subject of this page) use the APM or PX4′s onboard dataflash memory, which you can download after the flight. On ArduPlane and ArduRover dataflash logs are created soon after start-up. On ArduCopter they are created after you first arm the copter.
telemetry logs (also known as “tlogs”) are recorded by the mission planner (or other ground station) when you connect your APM to your computer via your 3DR or Xbee wireless telemetry link. You can find the details here."

But as Rogelio pointed out, there is a bug in Pixhawk or the GCS, which will most likely truncate longer datalog files. So you might have to open the shell and copy it from the SD card.

ok, im not sure if the end of these cuts out or not. ill take the shell off and upload them at a later today or tomorrow.

thanks for the help kanga

ok. had some time to open her up and get the card out.

pretty sure its the 4/29 when it started flying without any inputs in stability mode. please let me know if these work. but i put a few more on there just in case. when i mean flying without any inputs it started pitching forward. as i was landing after i regained control it did it again and clipped ground and flipped. wondering if this is pilot error or something else. i am 99.9 percent sure i gave no inputs. ill also say right now that i know i was flying too low.

thanks everyone

I had a look at flight #22 in your zip files. But in this flight you are flying in Loiter mode (GPS assisted), not in Stabilize.
Also while satellite coverage and dilution of precision (dop) are OK, there are some jumps in it.

In Loiter IRIS will maintain position based on GPS. But due to GPS coverage that position is not perfectly like a dot in the sky, but rather like a box within which IRIS floats. Depending on GPS coverage that box can be quite big.

The GPS module on IRIS is positioned underneath the hull, which appears to reduce GPS signal quality and therefore coverage quite a bit.
Personally I don’t really trust IRIS 100% in Loiter mode. Just this morning I placed here in loiter and kept my hands of the sticks. After a minute or two, IRIS suddenly started veering off in one direction. That’s when I took here back into Stabilize.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that this behavior is normal, but for now my recommendation when flying in Loiter mode would be to have a finger on the mode switch, watch your IRIS for weird behavior and expect it.

If I was looking at the wrong log, let me know.

Kanga you looked at the right log. Thanks

Im going to give myself pilot error here, take responsibility and own up to the fact that i might have been in loiter when i thought i was in stabilize. I like loiter for the simple ability to get some smooth camera shots. The thing to take from this minor crash is don’t fly at low altitude in loiter due to it sometimes making erratic maneuvers.

Taking her back up tomorrow. Thanks for the reply.