How to get home lock and course lock with APM?

Hi all,

I have a question which seems basic but I searched and I can’t find the answer.

How to get the Pixhawk to go on home lock mode as you can find in the DJI flights controlers?

For those who don’t know what it is, with DJI you have two channels dedicated for flights modes, one channel is similar to the APM flight modes but with less options, at least for Naza (acro, stabilize, loiter and RTL) and the other one controls the front or the multicopter (either the front is the physical front, either it is the current physical front and it stays on this direction even if you turn and the last one, the one I want is home lock where the front is the oposite side of the home location).
Of course you can combine every combinaisons of these two channels.

Now this home lock feature is very useful if not mandatory when I get lost since all I have to do is asking the multicopter to go backwards and it will come back no mater where direction it faces, this feature is not similar to RTL since I still have full control of the multi, I can avoid obstacles etc.

All I found was a guy on rc groups asking this question and the only answer was a link to a lot of informations but I didn’t find the answer there.

Could someone please help me to find this home lock feature?

Checkout Simple & Super Simple modes

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Thank you very much!

I am getting so confused about all the informations scattered and the mixed version and all.

Anyway, at least now when someone will google home lock and pixhawk or APM he’ll find this page :slight_smile: