How to flash APSync image in jetson TX2 without the host computer

I am new to ardupilot and i am trying to use mavros with jetson tx2 in oredr to use it, i want to get the APSync image installed to jetson tx2 which is done with the help of host computer but my host computer is not in working condition. So is there a way in which i can install the APSync image on jetson tx2 without the host computer

Thank You

I’m not using APSync, but only the Jetson TX2.
For what I’m aware of, to install the image, you need an Ubuntu machine to upload it through the Jetson Pack (or command line). I don’t see other way to do it.
It can be done with a virtual machine (if you only have Windows), but some issues can possibly appears.

You need a 64bit machine with preferably Ubuntu 16.4 to install Jetpack 3.3. 18.4 will work as well with some tweaks.