How to find the center of gravity?

Yes, planes have a natural CG and one should adapt to it. However after flying my FX61 for a while I noticed that despite the CG is level according to the instructions, I feel it is very nose-heavy.
When flying manual and center the sticks, the plane points down very quickly, at any speed.

Is there a way to optimise the location of payload and batteries using the autopilot data?
I dont want to get tail-heavy but I do want to fly as efficiently as possible with the elevons making minimal effort.


The FX61’s CG as stated in the instructions is pretty good and not terribly nose heavy. It sounds like your airplane is just out of trim, you should trim it so that it maintains level flight at a normal cruise speed with the sticks centered. This will result in a bit of up elevon (called reflex), the control surfaces should not be flush with the wing with sticks centered. Once trimmed, apply these trim values to AP parameters using your ground station

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