How to drop several packages by mission?

Arducopter supports only one gripper:

is there any way to drop several packages to different places?

i have servo9 and servo10 set to rc in (7 and 8)
from RC drop package works fine, now i want to drop them from mission, so i’ve made mission with “DO_SET_SERVO” to servo 9 than 10.
Servo 9 dropped package, servo 10 not…
I’m not sure how DO_SET_SERVO works when RC is set to same servo… maybe SERVO9_FUNCTION 58 (RCIN 8) rewrites it’s value, so DO_SET_SERVO doesn’t have any effect…

Is there any way to drop several packages both from mission and RC?

Maybe i can use servo relay to output 2 needed values (PWM for open servo and close)?
Or in relay i can’t specify on/off PWM values?

Hello @DangerD

I can be wrong, but I think that using the Servo/Relay tab of MP is adequate for your use case. I think that using RC passthrough for your servos will make them answer all the time to your RC input.

AP should allow using do-set-servo even though the SERVOx_FUNCTION is set to RCINy (e.g. RCIN8). In older versions of AP (perhaps 4.0) this wasn’t possible but we’ve added an exception since then so it should work.

If it doesn’t work then you should see a message, “ServoRelayEvent: Channel x is already in use”

Maybe post an onboard log of it not working and we can have a peek.

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On my 4.1.4 aircraft it would trigger to the PWM sent by the mission/command and then immediately revert back to whatever the RCIN position (PWM) was.

Tested today, everything worked correctly with DO_SET_SERVO