How to control THROTTLE through a button/pedal

Hi -

Working on a power wheel upgrade requiring both the throttle to come from the servo3/RC & some sort of pedal. I first looked into the BTN_FUNC and mapping the pedal like a button to the throttle, but there doesn’t seem a choice for that with arduorover. And I’m not sure that is the right way to do this, either.

Basically, if the the pedal is engaged, the throttle is on. If it is disengaged, the throttle is off. The local input should override the RC input.

Any guidance etc much appreciated

It seems there is a way to send PPM through a button, may take scripting, PPM encoder, etc. Although the more I think about it, this is an overkill.
The goal is to control the motors using the same battery:

  • Manually, 12v battery → pedal/switch → motors
  • Automation, 12v battery → ESC → PPM OUT Rail 3 → motors

Is this even possible? I tried using a y-cable from the motors, one side going to a switch to the 12v battery, other side to the ESC power. The switch of course works, but is tripping something upstream where the controller turns off (navio2), gut feel is that isn’t good :slight_smile: