How to control climb during stabilize mode?

I believe it is the TECS parameter that can be set for holding altitude. However, I thought that was only in a turn.
My plane, with Pixhawk, gains altitude in FBWA while straight and level. The gain is slight, in fact, the telemetry pitch remains at zero. The looks like about 2-3ft/sec. Is there a way to adjust this out???

Hi Steve,
Stabilize isn’t an altitude controlled mode, so all you could do is control the pitch that is considered as “level”. You can do that either by re-levelling, or using TRIM_PITCH_CD.
Cheers, Tridge

Hi Tridge,
I use “auto trim”. My understanding was that if the plane is flying straight and level in manual, it should do so as well in FBWA.
Is Cruise a better mode for straight and level flight?

In my experience, FBWA has no altitude control. Cruise will maintain the altitude you had when you released the sticks.