How to connect jetson nano to pixhawk

I looking for connecting jetson nano and pixhawk but I not find. I want to
connection on mavlink and set and get paramaters. TX1 and TX2 has a apsync image file. when release nano image file ? Do you know anything connect these two card. Please help mee !!

There is no official release for the Nano to my knowledge. You may try to use the Jetson TX2 / Jetpack 4.2 extensions I did for APsync. I have no Nano so I cant tell you if it works or not. Note its not an image, you need to install and build the necessary components as described here:

Thanks for answer. Jetson Nano and Jetson TX2 has different architecture. Therefore I think didnt work. But I write there when I try your components.

we’re trying to connect a nano too… keep me posted if you have any luck… (ı’m not try) APsync for Jetson nano. You may not install apsync if you want.
And you can connect using ttl to usb cablo.
write code : dmesg | grep tty
and then find own connected port ex : ttyUSB0 --master=/dev/ttyUSB0 --baudrate 921600 --aircraft MyCopter
It’s work !

How to run mavproxy autostart?

You start mavproxy in /etc/rc.local:

LINE="# sudo -H -u $NORMAL_USER /bin/bash -c ‘~$NORMAL_USER/start_mavproxy/’"
perl -pe “s%^exit 0%$LINE\n\nexit 0%” -i /etc/rc.local

rc.local??? ubuntu 18.04 not supported rc.local

Just create it. Here is what you have to do:

Btw here are instructions to install apsync on Jetpack 4.2.x which includes mavproxy but also the better while faster option with mavlink-router.

Thank you! I’ll try it this link may help. In my first reply use ttl to usb cablo. This link direct wired uart to telem2 port.