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How to connect jetson nano to pixhawk

(Faik Vural) #1

I looking for connecting jetson nano and pixhawk but I not find. I want to
connection on mavlink and set and get paramaters. TX1 and TX2 has a apsync image file. when release nano image file ? Do you know anything connect these two card. Please help mee !!

(mtbsteve) #2

There is no official release for the Nano to my knowledge. You may try to use the Jetson TX2 / Jetpack 4.2 extensions I did for APsync. I have no Nano so I cant tell you if it works or not. Note its not an image, you need to install and build the necessary components as described here:

(Faik Vural) #3

Thanks for answer. Jetson Nano and Jetson TX2 has different architecture. Therefore I think didnt work. But I write there when I try your components.

(Marty McAncapistan) #4

we’re trying to connect a nano too… keep me posted if you have any luck…

(Faik Vural) #5 (ı’m not try) APsync for Jetson nano. You may not install apsync if you want.
And you can connect using ttl to usb cablo.
write code : dmesg | grep tty
and then find own connected port ex : ttyUSB0 --master=/dev/ttyUSB0 --baudrate 921600 --aircraft MyCopter
It’s work !