How to collect the alpha ,beta data from pixhawk cube

am using pixhawk cube black. right now am connected to potentiometer to ADC port . then after after calibrated accel , compass,…,. then after armed and downloaded the DF log . so right now which data is alpha , beta data .

There is no measurement for alpha, beta, and gamma since AFAIK there no support for flow field sensors such as vanes or multiport pitot tubes. Theta, phi, and psi can all be found under the CTUN in Mission Planner log viewer.

how i get the alpha , beta data from pixhawk . am already using digital airspeed sensor . there is one matlab simulation link let see
. i need alpha and beta data .

This is not the forum for PX4 firmware. If you are using ArduPlane firmware you can parse the data you need using the tools provided in Mission Planner under the “DataFlash Logs” tab to get to a Matlab format.

how to get the alpha ,beta data . any another ways will get the data please let me know