How to change the firmware from fmv5 to CUAV-x7

Hello everyone
There are so many drivers in hwdef folder, I want to change the firmware from fmv5 to CUAV-x7, which files or parameters should be modify? Thank you.

Good day, what kind of flight controller you own in this moment?
If you own Cuav x7 you must use cuav x7 hwdef file… fmuv5 it’s for different flight controllers

Are you just trying to install the correct firmware?
Or are you trying to build it yourself?

The hwdef files are here if you need them

think you for your reply. I own the x7 controller, but I don’t konw how to use the hwdef file, which parameters should I modify

I want to build the firmware, I don’t know how to chose the x7 hwdef, shoud I modify some parameters in the programm? Thank you.

shoud I only need to configure the board as follow, and any files or parameters in the firmware not need to modify?
./waf configure --board cuav-x7
./waf --targets bin/arducopter --upload

there should be something in the developer docs