How to change Servo 5 output?

Hello,I’m running Arducopter stable V3.6 on a pixhawk. The default of Servo 5 output is ESC output. I want to change ESC output to servo output.what should I do? thanks

Take a look at:

Thanks.When I set SERVO5_FUNCTION to option “37” or"0",SERVO5_REVERSED to option “1”, it appears change,but Not effective.When the throttle goes up,the servo should turn right,but not, it still turn left, nothing seems to work.

have you rebooted the fc?

yes,but it is not effective

Strange. Have you tried the specific servo functions to check if you get any response (like 4 for aileron)?

servo1,servo2,servo3,servo4, they are OK.
only servo5 and servo6 are not effective.