How To Build A Pi Zero Micro Drone With The Matek F405

Hi everyone!

I was inspired by some work done by @jax200 and decided to build my own Raspberry Pi Zero drone, with the F405-HDTE flight controller.

The drone weighs about 450g and has a surprising flight time of about 20 minutes.

There were quite a few differences between building a normal (F450 frame type) drone vs a smaller FPV sized build, so I decided to document the entire build into a complete video tutorial. That I’d share that with you!

The tutorial goes over:

  • Flashing ArduPilot onto FPV boards
  • Building the drone
  • Calibrating sensors
  • Flight tests / Endurance tests
  • Controlling it with Python.

Here’s the link to the video:

Hope you find it useful!


Hello, I have added picture from the video

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