How to brake faster in PosHold similar to Loiter

Hi, I have noticed that when I fly fast in PosHold, copter keeps on going for about 10-15 meters when I let the stick jump to middle and I am sure I did not see the copter leaning 30deg to break. In Loiter it stops on almost instantaneously (I know loiter speed much slower).
My current parameters which I believe to be the default:

What is the best way to go with this?
Thanks, Gal

1st start by inceasing the PHLD_BRAKE_Rate from 8 deg/s to 12. The if you need more authority increase the angle. I usually just set the angle to the ANGLE_MAX parameter and the rate to 12.


Thank you Dave, much appreciated

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@dkemxr, tried this morning and braking is still seems not enough.
Flight Video
The hard braking is from the radio.
Any suggestions?

No Gal, other than increasing those same parameters.

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Well, there is no going higher than 12 and 4500 it is the max values for those fields
PHLD_BRAKE_ANGLE 2000 - 4500

Yes, I think the shine came off of PosHold when all the newer Loiter parameters were added…

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Well, to be honest I simply set the loiter speed to 1250 and stopped using PosHold thank you for the suggestion @dkemxr

I’m doing the same Gal. PosHold was my primary flight mode for fun flying but Loiters improvements and flexibility have replaced it. Its good for everything!!

Loiter is now the go-to vs POSHold? I have POSHold , althold and stabalize as my main flight modes. Are you saying I should ditch POSHold and go to loiter?

I think so. There are more parameter options to take advantage of. In short it has all the features of PosHold with additional options to tweak. I had the same mode options as you Dave but have swapped them around.

I will have to try it out. Thanks

I try to improve poshold brake performance in this PR. It would be appreciated if there are more tests. Thank you very much

Any reason to not just use Loiter?

I found it is easier to navigate in small space (indoor, vision) using poshold than loiter

Easier how? Did you tune the loiter config parameters?