How to adjust max angle

Hello, I just got my hexa setup, and im trying to get it tuned - leta say I try to move forward - the frame pitches almost to the point that its going to fall out of the sky. Im still learning the correct phrases to use so im sorry in advance if what im sayin doesnt make sense. I have logs from my last flight, I dont know if that would help describe whats happening, but If ot would let me know and ill post them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Upload the .bin log file to dropbox, Google drive or somewhere similar, then post the link here.
Also mention a few specs of your craft - props, ESCs, battery…
Have you checked the tuning guide and done more than just basic calibrations?

It sounds like there’s a bit more going on than just setting the max angle.
That should be accessible to anyone, theres 2 files, one log and one bin. both from the same flight.

Specs are:
Frame: LJI ZD850
Motors: Tarot Martin 4008 330kv
Props: 15x5.5 Carbon
50A Bl_heli32 esc’s
tarot high amp pdb
10000 mAh smart battery

retractable landing gear
spotter v2 fpv camera
wifi telemetry radio

The 1st thing I would do is change the Dshot protocol from 1200 to 150. Even if 1200 was stable you can take zero advantage of that with a craft that size. I’m not sure what the smart battery is doing for you but I don’t see battery voltage logging so Motor Thrust scaling won’t work. Perhaps if you set the Battery Monitor parameter to Smart Battery it would work but I have no experience with this.

To answer your question the angle_max parameter does this but that’s not the problem here. I would set the ins_gyro_filter back to default (20Hz) also.