How to add a new output channel?


I am building a wing (Wing wing z84) with thrust vector control. At this point I just want to copy the elevator (pitch) channel and output it onto a new channel so that I can take connect my nozzle’s servo to those pins.
Have gone through the code and it’s daunting.
Any help/guidance/direction would be greatly appreciated.


Forgot to mention… I am using APM 2.0 and Arduplane 3.0.2.

If you are just looking to duplicate the elevator channel I would suggest a servo Y cable on the existing elevator channel. No code modifications needed.

Thanks Dellarb,

Great suggestion, I didn’t know such cables existed. :blush:
I will try that, but in the meanwhile i’ll keep this thread open, in case I need to use a different scaling (different angle) for the nozzle than the elevators.

Thanks for the input. :smiley: