How stable are the initial settings?

tl;dr-1) When I first set up my heli, how stable will it be? 2) Does autotune work?

Good afternoon. I have been out of the Ardu/Pixhawk loop for the past couple years thanks to an accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury and nearly dead. Before that I was a contributor to the fixed wing community. I just started flying fixed wing a couple of weeks ago with the help of stabilization (iNav), and I’m getting the hang of it again. I am just starting to fly helis again.

I want to build an automated heli, but when I read the documentation, it looks like there is practically no stabilization when you initially set it up and start adjusting the PIDs. This is the part that really worries me. With arduplane, the initial PIDs are set up to be very sluggish, and you work from there. The plane is quite flyable from the beginning. I (was) a pretty good heli pilot, and could fly inverted all day, but now I am not only out of practice, but have some (minor) motor control problems from my accident. If the initial settings don’t offer much help, I probably won’t be able to keep it in the air.

2nd question-When I get it stabilized enough to hover and successfully loiter, how effective is autotune?

Thanks much!

Hi Dave, welcome back!

If you wait a bit before tuning your helicopter @bnsgeyer and I will have the wiki updated for tuning with a much safer and less dramatic tuning method for traditional helicopters. We have the draft in process and have to PR it when we’re happy with the formatting and wording. And then the core dev team has to review the PR and finally get it on the wiki.

Autotune does not work for helicopters. It is locked out in the software and cannot be used as it is designed only for multi-rotor aircraft.

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Thank you sooo much! I appreciate your work very much.