How Should I Approach Swarming/Formation Flight?

Hello Everyone.

I’m very new to this world and really would like to learn a lot! Also forgive me if this is the wrong forum.

I have a lot of experience programming but not so much experience with copters.

I was hoping someone could suggest a small yet stable copter for me to run some formation flight tests. Or a brand that is highly recommended. I’m willing to build from a kit, but its a bit overwhelming when I don’t really know exactly what I need just yet.

My goal is do some formation flight to either fly in a pattern or do a follow the leader scenario. I read on this topic briefly here but I’m not familiar with all the software/hardware requirements and I’m unsure where to start.

I hope this makes sense. Again I’m still learning what is capable so let me know if I’m asking the wrong questions.


Did you figure this out? The follow leader scenario? We are trying to implement similar!

Same. Did you decide on a platform? Copter and f/w and s/w