How ot configure the pix let it work when we do not mout the sd card

hi everyone,
if i do not mout the sd card ,pixhawk can not work,i want to know how to configure the pixhawk to let it work when do not mount the sd card,thank you very much.

Hi Jason,

I hope somebody will be able to help you how to do this (I don’t know), but why would you want to do that?

the logs are invaluable in case of an issue, similar to the flight recorder in a plane - if anything ever goes wrong - you can often find out from the sdLogs what happened…


hi Christian,
thank you for your reminder,I know it very useful to use the sd card ,but i want to try let the pixhawk work without the sd card.


hi fnoop,
I have tried this way but it seems not work ,I set LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to 0 then reboot the pixhawk,pixhawk can not work.

@jason4952 It should do, what version of firmware are you running, and what error do you get?

hi fnoop,
The version of firmware is 3.4.5 ,three-color lights is always red.What is your version?

@jason4952 Ah yes I’ve noticed that over various firmware versions the behaviour changes. Sometimes it would just ignore it, othertimes it would give a red light and refuse to work at all. The 3.5 versions behave more predictably, try the latest rc.

hi fnoop,
thank you ,and I tried the latest firmware ,it seems that the led is always not bright ,and the pixhawk do not work.