How much affects logging the APM?


I have a small 310mm quad and am wondering if the APM 2.5 can handle “Nearly All” Logging? Or will it be too slow for that? There were suggestions not to enable too much logging, but I don’t know if this counts only for octos or for quads also. In my case it’s a fun quad, so I fly it fast and aggressive. A problem for the APM if it has to log too much?
All the best, markus


The APM2.x he cannot handle logging all items. Be selective depending on the logging results you want to analyze.

Thanks. But that’s exactly the problem: I want to analyze a crash, IF a crash happens. It turned out that “Default logging” isn’t enough to analyze for example an autotune crash (viewtopic.php?f=80&t=11113). But what should I choose? I think RCIN, Motors, Compass are needed - what else? And: Can the APM 2.5 handle this? Or are this too many items as well?


You setup hit quad first using default values and check things like vibrations etc. and when it’s all good you auto tune. See

You are going to have to go through stages and enable the right logging for each stage.