How is a vehicle supposed to land with a geo fencing floor

With geo fencing enabled and a min alt floor (say 20m), how is one able to land? I’m thinking an auto mission, the pilot takes over for whatever reason and wants to land. If there’s a min alt geo fence, is it possible to actually land? It seems the only way to do it is by having a switch that can disable geo fencing?

Not sure but I suppose that when the system meet a LAND command it disable geo fencing.

By the way, by “the pilot takes over”, I mean by switching to a non-AUTO mode.

My experience is that with FENCE_ACTION = RTL, trying to take over is virtually impossible. The FC will keep switching to RTL when trying to land, which will prevent the pilot from actually landing. Obviously when the desired landing spot is the same as the home point, it doesn’t matter. In this case it is different.