How good is the INS/GPS on Pixhawk 2?

How good is the INS/GPS on a Pixhawk or Pixhawk2 ?

Can you throw the model around at high speed (70 MPH) and high Gs and get good readings on location, direction, speed and attitude ?

Ardupilot on Pixhawk 1 or 2 has worked well at over 70mph, and several G’s. So yes, without “good readings” it wouldn’t. Your question is a bit vague, though, hope this answered it.

I don’t really know much about INS systems or why GPS wouldn’t be good at high speed/ high Gs, so I don’t know what to say.

But I’ve read in several places where people have said GPS and INS isn’t good enough to locate a model flying at high speeds, doing high G manoeuvres. I can only assume that the G limits of the INS were being exceeded and or the GPS was too laggy or something. I can’t find the threads now.

Why does the PH2 have 3 INUs in it ? What are the G limits of these units ? Lets say we are relying on the EKF to tell us the orientation of the plane. Lets say we are flying a knife edge. Are there any conditions in which it wouldn’t return the proper orientation of the plane ?