How fast Flight Time Recorder will kill my flight controller?

Hi Everyone, I know that ArduCopter stores boot count, flight and power up time: Flight Time Recorder — Plane documentation.
My flight controller(Omnibus F4 Pro V2) does not have any EEPROM, which mean all parameters including those one should be stored in Flash. STM32 has Flash endurance around 10k cycles. So, if it done by easiest way(update every second) it will kill flight controller pretty quickly. I wondering what measured done to prevent it?
Also I would like feature that allow to disable those counters completely for flight controllers without EEPROM.

instresting question.

Values are only saved once every 30 seconds.

So, 30 seconds and 10k it 300’000 seconds. Or 5’000 minutes. Or just 83 hours of operation. I still think those features should be configurable and should be disabled by default for flight controllers without EEPROM.

I wonder if 10k cycles means each individual element can only be written to 10k times or is it more a measure of the total number of writes that are possible (e.g. 10k * number of byes in flash).

Not trying to say there isn’t a problem but I haven’t read of any reports of this issue actually occuring although I also haven’t been on the lookout for it.

In any case, feel free to raise an enhancement request on the issues list to be able to turn off the flight recorder. Most features can be disabled so it makes sense that the flight time recorder could be disabled too.