How does the 433 MHz 3DO telemetry set work?

Hi. I have a question about how the 3DO telemetry set works. Does it have some proprietary interface that only works with apm and pix hawk or is it basically just a wireless usb to serial device? Is it just like a wireless FTDI chip? If so, could it theoretically be used on a different fc like for example a naze 32? Also, do the two devices have to be bound to each other or are they bound from the factory? If they are bound from the factory, wouldn’t two of them being used in the same area interfere?

It’s basically just a USB interface but I’m not sure how you would go about connecting it to anything else. It would be interesting to find out though.

Yes they should come ‘paired’ from the factory. 3DR have a stand alone software programme which you can download and use to set the modules up and change the channels and other settings.

Yes, they could suffer from interference. If your that unlucky someone else could be in the area on the same channel etc, but it’s unlikely. If you were flying with someone else for example, then you could change the channels via the MP 3DR screen or the stand alone software.

the V1 modules require an FTDI to programme the air module, but the V2 radios both have a USB on both, so don’t need the FTDI.

I considered how you would rig them up for motor racing to get real time info… but maybe thats a step too far?