How do you know when Autotune has completed?


  1. When the tune completes the copter will change back to the original PID gains

But, how do I know Autotune is complete? Just stand around and notice that it isn’t twiching anymore?

Basically yes, although that’s not definitive as it can stop for other reasons too.

It does send out a status text message when complete so if you have a GCS or telemetry voice system hooked up then it should announce that autotune is complete. It would be nice if there was some other indicator, either a LED sequence or even a little shake every now and then.

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Same problem too. Even having GCS or OSD you need to continuously watch to the screen to not to miss that text mesage.

LED will not be visible at day, so having some sound signal would be the best as for me.

I heard that sound in-3.5.5

My platform also played a little tune once autotune was complete. I had a real pita when trying to autotune my platform ended up just doing each axis by itself, took a lot longer but made it complete. Also noticed that any wind will really make autotune not work very well.

A statustext is emitted, “AutoTune: Success” or “AutoTune: Failed”


Is this a new feature? As I have never gotten a status msg displayed on MP when it completed was running AC 3.5.4. I did however get the platform to play a little tune once complete.

The message has been emitted since before Nov 2015.

More recent versions of the software are much more verbose while

In Mission Planner you can see in the "Messages " tab under the HUD the status of autotune process.
You will see also a message about “new values recorded”

when you get the message AutoTune : success or complete then it is done.

otherwise if it stopped “twitching” around without the message or sound then it stopped for something else , like the gains (PID parameters) reach there maximum.

Got it thanks! In other words, watch Mission Planner. I’ve not invested in a computer for flying, so i’ll have to just stare at it and wait for it to stop twiching. I think Solex allows me to watch messages as well, so i’ll try that.