How do you connect wirelessly to a UAV with a computer to e.g. update way point mission mid flight?

How do you connect wirelessly to a UAV with a computer to e.g. update way point mission flight plan mid flight? Hello everyone, i am a beginner and i was wondering how to connect a PC with mission planner to a UAV wirelessly. I believe it is possible to just download a waypoint mission but what if i wanted to change this waypoint mission mid flight? In my case i am using the Durandal flight controller from holybro. I understand you can use a telemetry radio that plugs into your computer and the FC which allows you to talk to the UAV through your PC but recently i have learnt that you don’t need this, instead you can use a transmitter with telemetry capabilities. But then i don’t understand how you would connect the PC to the radio so it can communicate with the UAV. Also will this second option i have mentioned work with spektrum radio’s or expressLRS modules??
Thanks for the help!!!

Do yourself a favor and don’t fiddle with the telemetry besides RC controller solutions, every one of them has significant shortcomings.
Get a telemetry radio. A Sik, or a RFD.

So you recommend that i don’t try to connect my PC to my flight controller through my transmitter? Also does ardupilot work with express LRS?

If you havre time and patience, you can experiment with it. But don’t except fast a good results.
ExpressLRS is a nice RC radio, but it’s bandwidth for telemetry far beyond any real telemetry radio.

Holybro and mRo both sell SIK telemetry radios. Get a set of those to start with. They are pretty reliable, give reasonable distance (500+m), and are more or less plug and play. There are plenty of knock-off versions out there as well, but a quick search here will show mixed results.

You can do RC & Telemetry through a single radio link. The RFD TXMOD V2 is a good choice. Some here also like DragonLink (but it’s not my favourite). I have been able to get it to work with Crossfire, but that’s a lot of sweat and tears to get it working. But honestly, if you’re new to this, and/or budget is an issue then go with the SiK radios.

Ok. I’ll probably by the SIK telemetry radio system then but would it be possible to connect an expressLRS module via bluetooth to a computer to get telemetry and rc link through one radio?

Hi Emanuel,

No it’s not possible in the actual implementation. The radio (ExpressLRS) and Ardupilot use different protocols.

Do yourself a favor and start with something well known.
Its still a learning curve.

Good luck!!