How do we send in old iris for iris+ upgrades

So I’m just way bored with my standard iris. Its been a great little
machine but now I that the upgrades are out I’m really excited for upgrade. How do we make this happen?

I just want the improved antenna location, power handling and self tightening props… I’m not bored as mine keeps flipping forward and has broken a prop and antenna so far, so just want the design fixes.

Wait. Why does your keep flipping forward in the first place?

I do not think the upgrade will include a new case and relocation of the Radio Antenna.

I understand that everyone that bought a new iris will get the opportunity, (will get notified by 3dr) to purchase the upgrade kit for a nominal fee after Oct 1.
I believe, (but don’t hold me to this) a new set of motors, 11" props that screw on, longer arms with nav lights, a larger battery, (5100mah) Different longer legs if needed for camera with gimbal. A different top shell unless you can just relocate the telemetry radio by just drilling a hole through the shell. But the top shell in the video appears different.

In case no one has guessed the 11 inch prop means a longer arm and SINCE the IRIS ESC cables are soldered in for reliability this will mean you ship your old IRIS in with all accessories and then receive a new model IRIS back in its place as end consumers WONT be expected to solder the new arms in place… I suspect from my xcoptercalc runs on the original IRIS that the AMP rating of the ESC will be now at 30A to keep using a 3S with the new higher KV motors and 11" props(now we know the reason for the arm sale :slight_smile: instead of a 4S. So its likely the IRIS you will be getting in return is completely new.

I DONT think there will be a parts kit like there was with the developer model as the changes again are so profound as to require soldering.

All of the foregoing is engineering guesses and surmisals from the experience of working on the xcoptercal models… no known facts at this point


ps awaiting the letter from 3DR and I will choose that time for another visit to 3DR’s new facility in SD .

Well I had the higher KV motors right at least, looks like 3DR took a page from Christians and myself testing and xcoptercalc models and went to a 9" prop with a high 920KV motor instead of 4S to get the extra oomph … propellers
… cant delete the above incorrect surmisals
The higher KV motor still requires a 3DR swapout as end users DONT solder products in the US nd most countries. Wondering about the amp handling capability of the ESC now should rerun the models with the higher KV motors

I hope there is an option about sending back, as shipping from the UK won’t be cheap and I can solder…
I would rather have a replacement shell, as drilling holes isn’t one of my strong points and I don’t have very many drills or a vice.
As far as the tipping forward at take off question goes. I wish I knew why as it has put me off flying…