How do I change the aerodynamics of my simulated plane?

I wanted to know how should i change all the data for adapting my simulation to one specific type of plane. I´ve seen that in SIM_Plane.h all the coefficients (Cl, Cd…) are defined, but I am not sure if the SITL uses this information cause if I change them nothings seems to differ in the simulation. Am I doing it right?

I´m using for the simulation.


I’m also interested in this :slight_smile:

I made a copy of the Rascal folder under the ardupilot/Tools/autotest/aircraft folder and editted the jsbsim xml file where all the imaginable aerdynamics, stability and control coefficients can be entered. Then I tested the new aircraft model directly in FlightGear. When satisfied with the performance, I ran SITL by specifying the aircraft model name with jsbsim as arguments into the script. It looks like the right flight model is picked up, but I have to say that The process left me in similar doubts until I put deliberate errors into the xml files which broke the process as expected.

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