How can I tighten turns on my flying wing in auto mode?

My Hobbyking Go Discover flying wing works well on auto mode on my APM2.

My only problem is the turns are very big radius. If I set the loiter radius to 25 meters it’s still about 60m.

If I fly it manually I can pull really tight turns so what do I need to tweak to make it do the same in Auto mode?

It was tuned using Autotune.

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What is your roll limited too? Increase that to 55 or 60.

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OK I’ll give that a try.

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Also look at your TECS parameters along with the Waypoint radius and waypoint loiter radius parameters.

Loiter radius’s are currently scaled for altitude as well so higher then sea level will start to increase your loiter radius. ( ) But the amount of scaling wouldn’t account for that difference, the first step is to look at the maximum bank angle.

Also make sure your L1 parameter is high enough.