How can I takeoff with MavProxy?

I am working on an interdisciplinary neuroscience/robotics research project at my university, and I am banging my head against a wall trying to figure out how I can simply call the quadrotor to takeoff withing the Mavproxy console.
For example, I might be in Manual Mode, and say $ arm throttle, but I cant actually get any kind of behavior from the drone itself. I appreciate the time taken for your responses!

You should switch to guided mode first. Then type arm throttle , then quickly takeoff 5 or some other altitude you want and there you go…

Thank you so much. When I type $ mode, ‘GUIDED’ is also not listed as an available mode. The commands still execute in MANUAL however

Hmm that’s strange. I see it when I type mode on terminal.

Are you using ArduCopter firmware?