How can I install firmware in a bricked a pixhawk?

Dear guys,

I hope You can help me. I have a problem, pixhawk dosn’t work and I would like to factory reset


Does it connect to Mission Planner?

Yes, I have tried to do it, and I couldn’t. I would like to know Why is flashing blue led?.
and when I want to reset it, I can not do, i have pressed the buttom next to usb port and it dosen’t reset.

You Know something…

The reset button only resets the FMU it’s like power cycling it or re-booting. Try using QGroundControl to flash the version of firmware you want.

I have tried it and I can not give it a solution. There is another steps for that

Good day, you can reflash the bootloader using swd pins on the fc, you need a stlink v2 or v3 snd with the st link tool you can recover the boot and reflash using MP the firmware.
Which pixhawk you need recover?