How can I get the desired angular velocity, like getting the desired roll, pith and yaw in the ATT log

Hi dears, I hope to get the desired angular velocity, just like the desired roll, pith and yaw in the ATT log.

In addition, I also want to obtain the desired position vector value and the desired value of the vehicle speed.
How should I get it from the log, or record some values in the ardupiot code to get?
For example, I use ( --format csv --types IMU LOGPATH.bin> LOGCSV.csv ) to get the following information. But there is no desired angular velocity value, only the angular velocity measured by the gyroscope.

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Which programming language you are using? For example you can convert bin log files to mat using mission planner and you can read the logs in Matlab

After I get the .bin log, I will use to convert the log into a csv file. Another problem is that the log types that can convert are as follows.

but there are some abbreviations that I don’t understand.Some abbreviations are explained in this website

Did you look at this?

Thank you very much, this is the abbreviation explanation I need to look for。

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