How can i get detailes about my micro hkpilot 2.7?

I just received my micro hkpilot 2.7 master set.
I am trying to configure it with the mission planner, but i am required to give many detailes that i dont know.
For example- version of my autopilot (2.7 is not an option).
Hiw can i find out? Is there a specific forum or guide i should look into?
I tryied to find information on the web and on youtube, but only found info on the regular hkpilot.

Any help? Tips? Tricks?


Contact the manufacturer or the store that sold it to you and ask for details?

Thanks, Grant.

That could be a start, but i geuss that im not the first one to encounter this issue. Moreover, i think thar maybe need to address it both from apm’s point of view and from the mossion planner’s point of view.

It’s the same as an APM 2.5 with an onboard compass. You must cut the compass trace on the board to use the external compass in the GPS, or you must remove the wire next to the red one on the gps to disable the external compass otherwise the APM gets confused and your compass won’t calibrate.
You should find the correct thread on RCGROUPS, this forum is for 3DR products. Since 3DR doesn’t make a micro board you had no choice to buy 3DR, so I felt compelled to respond.