How can I contol servos autonomus in mission palanner?

Hello. I have a quadcopter with a Pixhawk 4 flight controller. I want to connect a servo to make a box open and close. I can operate the servo from the remote by connecting it to the receiver channels. But what I want is for the servo to work autonomously. Likewise, I will run my quad autonomously. For example, I want the box to open itself when hovering over a certain region. Also where should I connect my servos for this task?
I want to using miison planner for this.

I’m very new to this and haven’t found anything useful. Could you please help?

With a DO_SET_SERVO command in an Auto Mission plan.

Thanks for helps! I check out this article. So, are there any adjustments I need to make before drawing the route? Do I need to make changes to the parameters? Should I use the “gripper” or “camera shutter” properties to define the servo? It got too complicated. Very happy if you help.

No, not if you simply want to open a servo actuated box. Connect the servo to an Output, let’s say Aux 1 which is Servo 9, then use servo 9 in the mission command along with the PWM value you need to activate the servo and do what you want.

Thanks a lot ! I will try as you said. How can I check if it’s working without physically taking an autonomous flight?

Assign a switch on your transmitter to activate it manually.

Thanks. I hope It will work!