How can I connect my controller CAN to pixhawk CAN?

Hello All
I want to read 4 sensors (Temperature, Speed in rpm, distance, and fuel level ) data on the CAN2 pin (CANH, CANL, Vi, GND) in Pixhwak and display this data on the ground station(Mission Planner). All sensors give an analog voltage so I read this voltage and calibrated their appropriate value.
So how can I connect my controller CAN to pixhawk CAN?
Can i see all sensor data in the mission planner?

Thank You.

Good day, you need first set all the periph as uavcan in the advanced parameters of MP, aside that you need also a can node so you can convert a serial…i2c…spi or gpio periph in a can periph.
As can node i advice you the mRo can node… the mcu is f303.
Better use a twisted cable when you are using can bus.
The pinout of the can is 5v-CAN H-CAN L and GND

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Good Morning.
Sir, I have a device(Controller) that reads sensor data and gives output through CAN protocol.
Can I connect my controller CAN pin directly to pixhawk CAN2 pin?

There must be a device (microcontrollers, companion PC…) running UAVCAN protocol to send/receive sensors data connecting to autopilot (pixhawk). In this case, you can not just barely plug you CAN controller to you autopilot. Hope this help.

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Thank you sir reply.

I have microcontrollers which have CAN protocol, can I see any type of sensor data in the mission planner.

I have read on this link they only support

Ardupilot currently supports the following types of UAVCAN peripherals:

  • GPS, Compass, Barometer, ADSB Receiver, LED, Buzzer, Safety Switch/LED, and Airspeed devices are automatically identified in the UAVCAN protocol Rangefinder, Power Module

But I have a different type of sensor. So how can I configure those sensors on the mission planner?

Good day, you must check if your sensors are supported by the firmware.
Which can micro controller do you have?

I have a National Instrument sbRIO-9651.

i don’t have experience with that board, but for the application you need better you look for the mRo can node f303…, with the proper firmware and supported periph you can wire you periph and use it as can

Sir can I connect my all sensor to mRo CAN Node.

yes but you must check first if the periph you need is uart… spi… i2c… gpio.
after this you must flash on the node the proper firmware usually is f303 universal.
on MP or uavcan gui tool set the correct parameters for every periph… but be sure if its supported by the code