How can I compile The Example Sketches

Hello :slight_smile:

When I try to compile on Ubuntu 14.03 the example sketch GPS_AUTO_test:

I get following error:

// BUILDROOT=/tmp/ HAL_BOARD=HAL_BOARD_AVR_SITL HAL_BOARD_SUBTYPE=HAL_BOARD_SUBTYPE_NONE TOOLCHAIN=NATIVE EXTRAFLAGS=-DGIT_VERSION="03373d35" building /tmp/ %% GPS_AUTO_test.cpp %% GPS_AUTO_test.o In file included from /home/lm/progs/apm/ardupilot/ardupilot/libraries/AP_GPS/examples/GPS_AUTO_test/GPS_AUTO_test.pde:32:0: /home/lm/progs/apm/ardupilot/ardupilot/libraries/AP_Terrain/AP_Terrain.h:35:22: fatal error: AP_Rally.h: No such file or directory #include <AP_Rally.h> ^ compilation terminated. make: *** [/tmp/] Error 1
I can not find any information on wiki about this error. Thank you for any help!