How can I choose what to log in dataflash


How can I choose what to log in dataflash?

I have read the Log bitmask parameter and i can´t understand the “This values is made up of the sum of each of the log types you want to be saved on dataflash”.
If i only want to record the compass, the value for LOG_BITMASK is 1024? And if i need the Compass and Battery information, the value is 1024+512?
I have the Pixhawk with v3.2.0 and the value of 45053 for LOG_BITMASK made with earlier version in CLI , I know that i can enable everything but it will be a large file that have information that i don´t need.


yes, that’s how it works - each bit have a value, and to set it, you enter a number that sets the bits you want.
Just think binary :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you for the quick reply.
I will test.