How can I arm the drone and takeoff without a ground station or remote controll ,using Pixhawk 2.1 and raspberry by python

We have bought a Pixhawk 2.1 flight controller , and we are working on a university project ; the project is that we have to solve a puzzle by a drone ( which contains a raspberry pi 3 ) and send the right way coordinates to a small car .
Our problem is that we shouldn’t use any remote controller on the drone . So the drone should fly to a specific altitude and then should start looking for the puzzle and solve it .

We have tried to use dronekit python . We could connect to the drone by the code but we couldn’t make it arm and take off .

Is Pixhawk 2.1 support arming and take off with out using any ground station or remote control? . If it does we hope that you send us a code and the method . Because we have search a lot and the project dead line is very near .

Thank you for your time …

It is quite doable.
Make sure you have your pre-arm and failsafe radio checks turned off.
It should respond then.
If it doesn’t check the error messages.
You might find it easier to connect Mission Planner while you do the setup so you can see responses from the FC and make adjustments.

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Thank you for helping us …
In the project we use raspberry pi on the drone and there isn’t mission planner on it . I only run the dronekit takeoff code . So when we run the code it connects to the Pixhawk and then it says waiting for the vehicle to initialize ( where in the code it checks if the drone is armble or not ) .
Is this the right way to fly the drone ?