How can i add LEDs to be controlled by my transmitter?


I would like to add LED strips to my pixhawk quad and have it controlled by my transmitter. Is there a way i can do this? So say i go max throttle it will flash a certain way and so on. Can i just wire the leds directly to the pixhawk and have it controlled or would i need additional hardware?


When in doubt, RTFM:

I have built a light device that is controlled by Mavlink data. When the copter leans Left the light turns Red and when the copter leans Right it turns Green. When it is not leaning it turns Blue.
Also the lights are controlled by the Throttle out value coming from the Pixhawk. Higher throttle results in the lights moving faster.

This project uses a Propeller controller and some C code to read the Mavlink data and make the lights go.

I attached the LED’s in a circle around an old CD I had laying around. Used some wire rap wire to connect each LED to the next one. Mounted the CD to the bottom of the Quad. Hot glue work nice.

Here is a reference to the project code: … ini#latest

Thanks for the replies.

TCIII: I already saw that but the jD-IOBoard was sold out and i tried googling it but no one else had it and i didn’t want to work with chips.

iseries: that looks promising, i think i will give that a try. Any tutorial on how i have to wire and code it to accept the mavlink messages? I never worked with mavlink before, nor the pixhawk. Thanks!

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Is there someway i can do this on an arduino uno? Its the only board i have on hand. I don’t think i have enough time to order the propeller mini, the project is due on friday. If not anyone have any idea what i can do as an embedded systemish project with the pixhawk? xD