How an app can access GPS data on the ground station

I am writing a somewhat elaborate app in Java that needs to know the quadcopter’s GPS location. The app will be runing on a laptop that is also the ground station computer, running Mission Planner. Is there any way I can read GPS information programmatically?

I have a 915 MHZ 3DR link in place.

I can write any code I need for the RPi. I also have a 433 MHZ link I can use if it might be part of the solution.

This application also needs to read RSSI off a software defined radio that is running on a Raspberry Pi on board the quadcopter. The RPI will be connected serially to a Pixhawk controller.

This app is for amateur radio foxhunting. I am writing code to use multiple RSSI, location and altitude points to derive the location of the fox.

Can anyone recommend a best approach, or architecture?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


You don’t need Mission Planner to read the data. You need Mavlink and a serial connection to the radio.

The GitHub code will generate the language files needed once you run the python script.


Thanks for your comments.

Now I have to get past my app trying to open the same serial port for the telemetry radio that is already has open.

Can you also tell me if there is a way to pass data from the Raspberry Pi to the Pixhawk, then to the 915 MHz telemetry radio transmitter, so I can pull it off the data stream?

Thank you