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How About a V2450GPS Mod Thread . . . Post Yours


@Leztec . . . Looks like you put the controller dummy “antenna” to good use. Always wondered what SkyRocket had in mind for its location. Also, why did you choose 5dBi? What are your plans for the phone holder?
BTW . . . my “fly-away insurance” has paid off for the second time . . . got a call from someone who found my SV . . . LOL . . . the Tx said “RTL” but the SV never came home (at least not to my home)

It appears that what thought to be a dummy antenna on Tx may in fact be a strut to help keep the Tx & Smartphone duo from falling over?

(Lee horscroft) #49

Thanks and No particular reason I used a 5dbi antenna, was just cheap. So if it didn’t work was no real loss haha.

I don’t have any plans for phone holder, as I don’t use my phone. As hard to look at a phone through fpv goggles lol. Was just giving lordneeko a suggestion as he was asking about a tablet holder.

An glad to hear you got your sv back . Maybe I should take a leaf out your book.

(Dude) #50

I have not tested my home made antenna yet but I went and ordered the one you posted just to get one.$2.15 can’t be beat. Not to derail the discussion but I just got the clone of the DJI F450 frame. Would be cool to mod the SV boards to fit and figure out how to incorporate brushless motors.


@Dude . . . I don’t plan on pursuing brushless with these electronics but I’m all ears on transplanting the SV guts on to the absolute lightest frame possible. 27% of the stock flight weight is airframe plastic.


@Leztec . . . since you now have an extra antenna (out of Tx) perhaps you can plug it into your SV flight controller and report back to us?

(Lee horscroft) #53

Controller antenna in the flight controller does not work just drops signal after two feet. Don’t know why.

Tho a update on the reframe.
DON’T DO IT :joy:
frame came this morning spent best part of afternoon reframing and taking pics to do a thread on it.

But pointless as this is end result…

Just not enough lift. Going to order a different frame and not see if that works . As it works for other sv’s. As I got the idea from here…

(Dude) #54

Did you go through the web interface and recalibrate everything? What messages are you getting from it?

Also MOT_THST_EXPO is set at -0.56 Remove the minus sign and see if it makes a difference. That value was tuned specifically for the 2450GPS frame.

(Lee horscroft) #55

I did recalibrate everything . The props just not able to produce enough thrust to lift It. As complete (with battery) it weighed 118g . Still a saving in weight but the props being so small (65mm) just didn’t want to lift.

I have now put everything back in the original frame so unable to try your suggestions. Tho I might give it a go another day. as just bit fed up with it today as having other issues now. Can not connect to the sv via wifi. So now can not recalibrate to being put back in original frame .

( .) #56

Is it showing the Access Point? Or nothing? If not, then it’s likely the cable to the Sonix is not snug.

(Lee horscroft) #57

Nothing at all. Have triple checked all connections. But I’ll deal with it in the morning now.

(Dude) #58

Sorry you’re having these issues. I tested my home made antenna in the backyard and it connected and flew but gusting breezes made it wonky. I went to a local park to test distance but there was a spring event that took over the place and had to forget that idea. Will try tomorrow.


@Leztec . . . I’m ready to order a 5dB antenna if it will do any good with range. Found one for $2.15 that will ship to the US.

(Lee horscroft) #60

@Dude its ok all part of the hobby and gives me something to play with lol an yes keep us posted on your antenna progress.

@JEFFGORDON all you really need is the cable then can use/try any antenna you like

(Satoru Sasaki) #61

For lighter airframe, this might work. I loaded SV controllers on very old geared quad frame. All up weight is 124g, 19g lighter. Tried indoors only but flew ok without changing PID so far.

This frame is very old WLtoys V959 V212 V222 parts which I played as light acro quad before (

I do not see this sold any more, but see similar one available and I got one of them, mold is different but construction is similar. You can find as ‘CW CCW Motor Propellers Body Frame Gears for UDI RC Quadcopter Accessory’ at ebay.

( .) #62

throw Autotune mode at it and it’ll get it perfect.


@Satoru_Sasaki . . . is the motor-gear assembly detachable from the arm?
Is this pic the same as what you used? Are you using the stock SV motors? What size props?


Since I do most of my flying at night, the LED relocation is really important. I’ve found that if you remove the lower portion of the LED bay it makes it easier to remove & reinstall the lens with the LED pre-pressed into it.

(Satoru Sasaki) #65

@JEFFGORDON Looks like exact the same unit. Be sure to get center plastic mount together with that motor parts.

I use motors came with that. Motor size is the same but gear and gear ratio is different. Note spar gear shaft is carbon and it has bearing, No slopping.
This photo shows how it is assembled. Square plastic covers connector and very thin wire goes through square carbon pipe. Carbon square pipe is not glued, only pushed into center mount and motor mount. Wire is very thin and fragile at best. (I needed to rewire it after I opened this tonight.)

Prop dia is slightly larger than SV. Center white prop is the ebay one I mentioned. Same dia but slightly wider blade than SV.

( .) #66

[quote=“Satoru_Sasaki, post:65, topic:27496”]
Last image…[/quote]

That sticker should say

“Warning: This sticker and the residual glue it leaves behind will cause this prop to be wildly off balance”



@Leztec . . . thanks for the inspiration to try the $2 Tx antenna mod . . . mine arrived today and just finished the install . . . went a little different route than you, decided to keep the strut intact.
Will do range testing tomorrow.
TIP: For anyone planning this . . . mount the antenna on the opposite side of the strut, from the existing antenna, board connector.
UPDATE: Have not seen much, if any, increase in range :disappointed_relieved: guess 3-cell Tx’s have their limits