Hovering an Extra 300: broken prop and bent undercarriage :=)

I’m trying to hover an EFlite Extra 300. I auto-tuned horizontal flight OK (more on that below) and attempted to transition to hover. I understand that tailsitter code does this with relative ease. It looked like the rudder was overcorrecting in hover. I would appreciate recommendations on the Q_ settings.

Log: https://github.com/arikrupnik/ardupilot-config/blob/master/logs/FIXED_WING/4/2020-11-02%2008-58-42-qhover-attempt.bin?raw=true

I also have a question about airspeed management in FBWA. With throttle at idle, the AP seems to try to keep pitch just about stall. On a power-off approach, I find myself fighting the AP, forcing the nose down to maintain safe airspeed. Today I failed at that, and the airplane landed short and hard. I broke the prop and bent the landing gear. How do I configure FBWA so that power-off glide is at higher speed?