Horrible fly off in Loiter mode

This is the first time I have ever had an event like this. I was just testing the drone, took off in Stab and then increased height and switched to loiter. I reckon there wer 10 Sats showing on my Yappu screen. With it settled, I was checking how much video jello I had on a new cam when suddenly it took off Upward and shot off. I managed to get Stab switched in before it dived and hit the soft ground. No damage, what a blessing, but I have pondered over the logs and can see several outcomes, but am not sure if I am missing the root cause. The bin file is here, perhaps an expert might see some thing I am missing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/160hYGTdd3uyVQSOO9oUJAT6AnGImuVkn/view?usp=sharing

It seems that you had a problem with motor 1 because it went to maximum whereas motor 2 went to minimum to compensate, and in that moment the drone started to descend because it is prioritized the attitude stabilization over altitude:

So maybe you had some type of electric problem, ESC desync…

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Thx for that insight. Yes, I can see mot1 went to full speed on graphing and full power being applied to motor 1. On restart it all appears ok, BUT, so I think it best to change out probably Three esc I have of that type on the drone.