Holybro Kakute F7 - Support of OSD


I am now a little bit confused. I know that Kakute F7 AIO supports OSD. In the Arducopter Wiki it says the Normal Kakute F7 does not support OSD, but searching the net there are some saying that they use OSD with Kakute F7.
Do both Kakute F7 support OSD or only the AIO?

Thanks for the answer



I don’t see in the Wiki where is states it’s not supported.
This is what it says:
Both variants include a 5-volt regulator rated for 2 amps, OSD, vibration-isolated IMU, etc.

It’s supported.

Hi Dave

Correct, it has an OSD, but the quesrion is: Is it supported?

  1. Here only the AIO is mentioned to be supported: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-holybro-kakutef7aio.html?highlight=kakute.
    There it is written: „The KakuteF7 AIO supports OSD using OSD_TYPE 1 (MAX7456 driver).“
  2. In firmware limitation it is mentioned, that the OSD of Kakute F7 is not supported: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-limited-firmware.html



Hi Harald,
I wonder if that’s right for the Kakute F7 regarding feature limitation. Because it also lists the Kakute F7 Mini but in Hardware definition it’s shown as supported.

setup for OSD
define OSD_ENABLED 1
ROMFS_WILDCARD libraries/AP_OSD/fonts/font0.bin

And the F7 and F7 AIO use the same hardware definition file and it’s supported there as well. So I’m wondering if the feature limitation doc is wrong to list OSD.

Perhaps @hwurzburg can take a look and confirm the Feature Limitation doc.

At one time HAL_MINIMIZE_FEATURES forced OSD disable …its does not now…if the OSD is enabled in the hwdef specifically…will update that list…thanks